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Tangram is a programme providing support for developing businesses with impact: sustainable and circular. It offers acceleration and incubation programmes with content adapted to the needs of each company.

We are in the Decade of Action - it is time to act to drive economic recovery and the transformation to a sustainable business fabric.

At Impact Hub we believe in this economic model based on creating economic, natural and social capital in a sustainable way for all. We want to use our 15 years of experience around the world to act as catalysts in this transition, promoting entrepreneurship and social innovation. Will you join us? 

We help your company create the value it is looking for


Design your own, custom entrepreneurship pathway to generate impact both inside and outside your organisation:

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Create purposeful communities
  • Improve your image and brand positioning
  • Be part of today’s impact ecosystem
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Access Tangram’s training and support pathways to boost your project towards impact, multiply its value and develop your network. Access all our programmes and choose the one that meets your needs.

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Circular Economy _

Potentially the biggest revolution in the global economy in the last 250 years

Sustainable model of production and consumption based on 3 principles:

  1. Elimination of waste by design
  2. (Re)Efficient use of resources and energy
  3. Regeneration of natural systems

Radically moving away from the old linear model based on “take – use – throw away”, thus decoupling progress from natural resource use and environmental impact.


Sustainable Development Goals

17 global goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 to ensure prosperity for all: people and planet. The goals are to be achieved in the next 10 years.

17 integrated goals, which recognise how interventions in one area affect outcomes in other areas and how development must balance environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Creativity, knowledge, technology and financial resources from across society are needed to achieve the SDGs in each context.

tangram _

Chinese: 七巧板; “seven boards of skill”, in reference to the qualities the game requires

Classic Chinese game made up of 7 set pieces (limited resources) with which you can form practically any shape; you just have to let your imagination run wild.

The pieces cannot overlap and you must use them all (no “waste”).

It improves concentration, memory and creativity.


Impact Hub is the largest international network of impact entrepreneurship communities, with over 100 spaces and 17,000 members in 55 countries. We offer a unique ecosystem of co-working and meeting spaces, support resources and collaboration opportunities, as well as programmes to drive businesses forward and make them more sustainable.

Since 2005, we have driven forward more than 30,000 businesses with positive impact in 60 countries, becoming a key player in local entrepreneurial ecosystems. Together with our partners, we are uniquely positioned to accompany organisations on their sustainability journey.


If your organisation is committed to change and you want to launch your own programme to support entrepreneurship with impact, then get in touch with us!

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